Develop vocal confidence, learn core singing techniques and perform fun repertoire.


Our group singing lessons in Ealing and Kingston give students vital skills to help develop their voices safely and increase their vocal confidence. Students are taught how to be become aware of their own voices and learn core singing techniques whilst having lots of fun.

All aspects of posture, breath control, intonation, and diction are taught. They learn to create different sounds with their voices, develop great diction and projection, learn to interpret songs and develop good facial exppression and stage presence. The classes encompass group singing in unison and later on in harmony and some solo performances. Students are encouraged to sing solos in front of their class when comfortable. Substantial help is given in audition technique and students have regular opportunities to audition for solos in our own productions and performances. Over time, students learn a large range of repertoire from musical theatre, rock and pop.

We also offer private singing tuition where children have the opportunity to take graded examinations with the London College of Music.

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What are core singing skills?

Core singing skills include good posture, breath control, diction and good intonation. At Masquerade all children are taught to sing safely in a fun, creative environment.

What type of repertoire is taught?

Students learn songs from a wide variety of genres. Musicals include Matilda, Mamma Mia, Hairspray, Les Miserables, Shrek and Wicked. We are big fans of Disney at Masquerade & love nothing more than singing a song or two from Frozen, Tangled, Beauty & The Beast to name a few. We also cover songs from the current charts from Bruno Mars, to Ellie Goulding & Taylor Swift.